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Hi there! I'm Christy.

I am a Home Styling Expert + Passionate DIYer who loves to equip and empower women to design a home they love. You CAN do this and I'm going to teach you the step-by-step process to get it done!

Here's what you'll get in this course  >>>

Is this you?

1. You've spent countless dollars on home decor that looked great on the shelf but doesn't look great in your home.

2. You've rearranged and color-changed and are dissapointed that your results are far from a beautiful design.

3. You're frustrated and have decided you're stuck with your outdated, uninspiring and unfunctional space.

Don't give up Girlfriend!

You can absolutely transform your Home into your Haven

and I'm going to show you how... step-by-step.

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You can start making your Home your Haven TODAY!

6-Step Practical Design Process

Step 1: Get Inspired! - Use my simple techinique for getting inspired.

Step 2: Determine Your Function -  Learn my rule for determining function.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget - Choose a budget-friendly method to fund your makeover.

Step 4: What's In? What's Out? - Learn my stress-free method for clearing out.

Step 5: Color Selection - Make right color choices to gain a cohesive design.

Step 6: Shopping Time! - Save time and money using my Shop-Smart method.

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Want to transform your Home into your Haven? 

You've got 2 choices:

Hire an Interior Designer for thousands


Hire yourself for $297 and DIY IT.

Get started TODAY for ONLY $99!

Not convinced you've got what it takes?

Think you don't have the TIME, BUDGET and KNOW-HOW to DIY your room makeover? Think again!  Learn why this common misconception doesn't have to be an obstacle when transforming your Home into your Haven.  >>>>>

Only $297


(Limited-Time Offer)

Get started TODAY for ONLY $99!

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Special Limited-Time Pricing includes these PERKS!

  • BONUS VIDEO: You'll receive a video walkthrough of my very first DIY Room Makeover. This video is packed full of even more DIY insider advice.
  • 3 month All-Access Pass - You'll get direct access to me (Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner) for 3 full months via my private DIY Designers FB Group.

Ahh.. yes please!

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